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About us

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn.

We are Imposter Muse, here to keep live music alive. We believe that the true music experience has to involve seeing, feeling and hearing rather than simply listening to a secondary source. For centuries such was the only way to experience the phenomenon until the arrival of the gramophone. We believe in resurrecting artists long departed, reincarnated in the flesh of the world’s best tribute artists. When those craftsmen achieve perfection, the world can once again see, feel and hear the music’s fallen heroes.

mission statement.

to fuel passion with compassion and

What people say.

Thank you for such a fantastic night at the Hilton … what a great atmosphere and all for charity too! We need more live events companies like this … a top night had by all.

Ant Lewis

It is very heart-warming to see such humanitarian spirit, which transcends cultural and religious divides Thank you for your effort.

Ahmed Fakhala

Thank you Lukasz for a great evening, and looking after our artists so well. Keep up the good work. We look forward to working with Imposter Muse on any future Projects.

Janice Martin
Bookings Director